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Popular Demand | Carpet or Hardwood?

Published under Flooring on 02/12/2013

You’ve moved to a new home and you are looking to change things up a bit. You have the decision to either choose carpet or hardwood flooring. Which will best match the furniture and countertops? Which is most affordable? Which is easier to clean? Both carpet and hardwoord have their own features and benefits. Perhaps going throught a few pros Continue Reading »

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How to Keep Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Published under Carpet Flooring on 12/25/2012

If you’re like most people, the holidays tend to bring mess upon mess upon mess. The food, the parties, the gifts, the running back and forth. Time goes by, and your carpet pays the price. With that said, we wanted to shed some light on a few tips on how to keep your carpets clean during the holidays. Sweep and Continue Reading »

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What’s So Great About Hardwood?

Published under Hardwood Flooring on 10/22/2012

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring More and more home owners are in design mode. They have that itch to change something, whether it be the color of the walls or the type of flooring installed. Well for those interested in making a flooring adjustment, we highly recommend hardwood flooring. If you already have hardwood installed in your home, you’ve probably noticed Continue Reading »

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New Floor Coverings Increase Home Value

Replace Worn out Carpet in St. George with New Laminate or Wood Flooring Are you looking for a cost effective way to increase your home value without spending an arm and a leg?  With home prices set to rise and everyone looking to maximize their investment in real estate, now is the time to hire a professional flooring consultant to Continue Reading »

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